Friday, October 03, 2008

NHL '08-'09

Finally - the start of another NHL season is upon us!

After signing up for a partial plan last season, we decided to become Washington Capitals season ticket holders. And, we are new subscribers to NHL Center Ice, assuring there will be more than enough hockey on TV in our household every night.

The Capitals outlook is pretty good this year. They have supportive, committed ownership, a terrific head coach, a wealth of talent at the forward positions - but some aspects of their defence and goaltending may be suspect. I think they are assured to make the playoffs this year - if they don't it will be MAJOR dissapointment to the local area fans (who signed up for season-ticket and partial plans over the summer) - but maybe don't have quite enough to win the Stanley Cup, at least this year. We'll see!



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It's defenSe darling.

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