Thursday, February 09, 2006

Site Highlight: Forgotten New York

Your blogmeister was born and spent his early years in the Bay Ridge/Dyker Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. I hold many great memories of that time and place, and still maintain an interest in all things NYC.

Through words and pictures, Kevin Walsh's outstanding Forgotten NY site takes us on a tour of the city, past and present. We visit neighborhoods in all five boroughs, exploring the alleys, streets, landmarks, trains and subways, and "street futniture" such as lamposts, traffic signals, and street signs, which define New York.

So why not spend awhile visiting Forgotten NY? I guarantee that you will spend hours at this site, which Kevin updates almost every week.

And, if you still haven't gotten enough of New York, check out Steve Anderson's NYC Roads, which explores the expressways, parkways, bridges, and tunnels of metro New York. Included are comprehensive histories, current conditions, recommendations for improvements, and historic photographs. Steve is expanding into Boston, Philly, and Baltimore/DC area roads as well.


At 2/09/2006 10:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do I seem to be your best reader? You'd think I could just roll over and say somethin'.

Mrs. Lou


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